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Tianyi said with his trembling voice, Lord, I failed to recognize you earlier. I didnt know you were here His sweat fell like a waterfallflirting with a Galaxy Aristocrat in public could get his penis cut off!


Luo Qiang had never thought he would see someone like that visiting the pawnshop. He looked so vicious it was more likely he came to rob the pawnshop rather than pawn something.


“Ah, the reward for level 30 is quite formidable.” Hong Dali grinned and stretched out his hand. On his right hand’s fourth finger, a ring was worn on it. “This is a teleportation ring. As long as I have the coordinates, I can teleport there directly—of course, some blood is needed from me…”


Now, everyone was excited. This was such a good deal! They would simply sleep here in the future! Regardless of what happened, as long as they managed to get their hands on one, they would definitely profit from it!


A third person said, Thats right. The gems on the armor, even if they are the lowest +1 attribute, three of those together with the armor, one thousand Galaxy Dollars is definitely worth it.


“Big Grandfather.” At this moment, Little Bai Hechou grinned and ran up to him and climbed onto his legs. He said, “Are you practicing inner energy again?”

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“Hm, that’s not possible yet.” The mysterious man nodded and said, “Let’s try our best. Oh right, have we gained contact with Dali?”


After another round of talking nonsense, Hong Dali reached for a bottle of Thousand Blossom wine and said, smiling, “This Thousand Blossoms wine is made with thousands of types of flowers, so the wine has a delicate fragrance which reminds one of spring, intoxicating you before you even drink it. This wine should be drunk with an ancient vine cup. However, ancient vines are hard to come by, so we can just make do with a wooden cup.”


Squander, Hong Dali answered matter-of-factly. Its meaningless to take over a shop that is profiting. If I have to take over a shop, I will take over the one with the most loses and do the most losing business. That is called squandering!


“Oh, the energy engine.” Lin Chuyin was holding a welding gun and welding the pieces together bit by bit. “Dali left behind quite a number of energy gemstones. I embedded all of them onto this energy engine.”


“Wrong!” Hong Dali chuckled. “Drinking wine is an art. This is good wine, but it cannot be drunk without a good receptacle! Mister prodigal, you are so careless about wines. All you do is gulp it like a brute. That will not do, it’s too unsightly. No, no! Wines must be matched with a complementing receptacle. Your cup must match your wine!”


Our boss is amazing! He even managed to successfully woo a Galaxy Aristocrat!


“Not yet.” The Bureau Chief shook his head and said, “This thing is very strange, there are a lot of unknown codes mixed in it. With Earth’s current technology, we are unable to analyze it yet.”



I dont think it matters. The young man pouted. We are not in need of this bit of money. All right, lets set off quickly. Pops is missing again. I heard that he was last seen here in Shenluo Main City. Lets find him first.



“Old Elder.” That Elder search around the places near Faerie Star, then smiled and said, “Hellfire is very close to Faerie Star currently, only two days traveling time away.”


But things were different now. Wang Daoming’s external skills had already reached a pinnacle, and there was practically no room left for improvement anymore. Also, being an old man, his inner mind was much more peaceful and stable compared to when he was young. Naturally, he was suitable to learn inner energy skills now.


“That’s right.” The Bureau Chief helplessly said, “Now, I am not sure if we stand a chance against the Zerg race at all. A small part of that Zerg’s corpse has been used for nuclear research, but the results are very dampening.” Speaking up to this point, the Bureau Chief frowned and said, “The effect of nuclear bombs on these Zergs might be very poor.”

  • I dont think that is necessary. A reminder would probably be useless. Yin Lieyang shook his head and said, He must know about the advancement assessment but yet chooses to do as he pleases. He must have his reasons. Forget it, lets just wait and see. Lets see what he manages to come up with when the time comes.
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